Introduction of AGE

(A Graph Extension)

AGE was under development since 2019 by a team of engineers at Bitnine Global Inc. The project, originally born out of AgensGraph, a multi-model graph database fork of PostgreSQL, was donated to the Apache Software Foundation and entered incubation in April 2020.

What is Apache AGE™?

Apache AGE™ is a PostgreSQL extension that provides graph database functionality. The goal of Apache AGE is to enable Postgres users to gain access to graph query modeling in Postgres’ existing relational model.

Apache AGE™ is a Top-Level Project of the Apache Software Foundation since May 2022. It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Below is a brief overview of the AGE architecture, similar to the PostgreSQL architecture and backend. Every component runs on the PostgreSQL transaction cache layer and storage layer.

Apache AGE™ will be compatible with all relational databases in the future development, starting with MariaDB and MySQL.

AGE Architecture

1Parses Cypher queries embedded in cypher function calls. Here we implement the grammar for openCypher.

2Transforms a Cypher query into a Query tree that will be attached as a subquery node.

3Understands some graph operations and produces plan nodes that are related to graph operations.

4Executes plan nodes that are related to graph operations.

5Cypher queries work with Postgres existing fully transactional system (ACID).

Key Features

Graph Database Plugin
for PostgreSQL
Gain access to query and visualize graph data in a PostgreSQL compatible relational databases
Hybrid Queries
(OpenCypher And SQL)
Hybrid query technology simultaneously performs the queries for relational data and graph data
Fast Graph Query
Achieve both fast indexing and efficient query processing.
Graph Visualization
and Analytics
Provides visualization of graph and relational data for clearer understanding of data