Apache AGE :
Graph Data Processing & Analytics
for Relational Databases

What Is Apache AGE® ?
Apache AGE® is a PostgreSQL extension that provides graph database functionality.

The goal of Apache AGE® is to provide graph data processing and analytics capability to all relational databases.

Through Apache AGE, PostgreSQL users will gain access to graph query modeling within the existing relational database.

Users can read and write graph data in nodes and edges. They can also use various algorithms such as variable length and edge traversal when analyzing data.
What Is Apache AGE® Viewer ?
Apache AGE® Viewer is a web user interface for Apache AGE that provides data visualization and exploration.

Users can enter complex graph queries and explore the results expressed in graph and table data.

Apache AGE® Viewer handles large graph data. Users will be able to discover meaningful insights with the help of various graph algorithms.

Apache AGE® Viewer will serve as a central graph data management & development platform for Apache AGE, a graph extension which will support all relational databases in the future.

Installation Guide

Key Features

Graph Database Plugin
for PostgreSQL
Gain access to query and visualize graph data in a PostgreSQL compatible relational databases
Hybrid Queries
(OpenCypher And SQL)
Hybrid query technology simultaneously performs the queries for relational data and graph data
Fast Graph Query
Achieve both fast indexing and efficient query processing.
Graph Visualization
and Analytics
Provides visualization of graph and relational data for clearer understanding of data

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