Join AGE Community!

We are so glad you considering to be a part of the AGE community. Below are some pathways you can follow to help you get started.

These are the recommended paths to progression that will help you reach your objectives.

Generate a Discussion

Ask your AGE-related questions, open various types of discussions, and share your ideas in AGE Discord, Reddit, GitHub, and/or StackOverflow using the [apache-age] tag.

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Participate in AGE Project

A great way to contribute is being a member of the AGE Project or AGE Viewer Project.
This is a good opportunity to meet other developers and share helpful insights and opinions by working together.

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Mailing Lists

Join the official Apache AGE user and developer mailing lists. You can get user support, ask general questions and stay up-to-date with project news. is for usage questions, help, and announcements. is for people who want to contribute code to AGE. is for people to follow commits to the project.

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Twitter account

Follow @apache_age on Twitter for the most recent news on the project and community!