Committer Requirements

Contribution to our project requires compliance with certain guidelines and standards. Please review the requirements below before making a commitment.
In addition, active participation in project discussions, constructive feedback provision, and driving the project's progress are highly encouraged.

1-Continuous contributions to AGE:

Committers should have a decent amount, of continuous engagement and contributions (fixing bugs, writing documentation, answering community questions) to AGE either by contributing on GitHub Repos, documentation and mailing list, etc.

+5 months with light activity and engagement.
+4 months of medium activity and engagement.
+3 month with solid activity and engagement.

2-Quality of contributions:

Well tested, well-designed, following Apache AGE coding standards, and simple patches.

3-Community involvement:

Committers should support the development and advancement of AGE in different areas. They should also be active on the dev and user list and help mentor newer contributors and users. They should also be active in the design, road map discussions with a professional and diplomatic approach even if there is a disagreement.